Tobique First Nation

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Tobique First Nation

Tobique is a First Nations community located in New Brunswick, Canada. It is part of the larger Tobique First Nation, which is a Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet) First Nation situated along the Tobique River in western New Brunswick. The Tobique First Nation is composed of several communities, with Tobique being one of the main ones.

Advantages of living in or being associated with the Tobique First Nation community may include:

Cultural Richness: The Tobique First Nation has a rich cultural heritage and a strong sense of identity. Members of the community have the opportunity to participate in cultural events, traditions, and ceremonies that help preserve and celebrate their Maliseet heritage.
Natural Beauty: The Tobique River and the surrounding natural environment offer scenic beauty and recreational opportunities. Residents can enjoy activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, and boating.
Community Support: Being part of a close-knit First Nations community can provide a strong support system. There are often programs and services available to help community members with education, healthcare, housing, and employment opportunities.
Cultural Education: Tobique may offer educational programs and resources to learn about Maliseet culture and history, which can help members connect with their roots and heritage.
Sovereignty and Self-Governance: Many First Nations communities, including Tobique, have been working towards self-governance and self-determination. This can lead to greater control over local affairs, including governance, land management, and economic development.
Economic Opportunities: Some First Nations communities, depending on their location and resources, may have economic opportunities such as businesses, agriculture, or tourism initiatives that can benefit their members.

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The Core Values


We foster an open and honest communication style rooted in empathy and sensitivity. We understand and embrace the diversity of all participants.


We encourage transparency, fairness and integrity in all our interactions to ensure stakeholders can place their trust in our organisation.


We’re passionate about all facets of interactive gaming and its participants. We endeavour to be the best in the business – a gaming commission for the gaming industry, by gaming experts.


We have a history of delivering and will drive this forward into the online gaming community to ensure vulnerable persons are provided with the protection and support they deserve.

We aim to provide a regulatory body which advocates responsible and transparent gaming practices, whilst simultaneously enriching the economic development for the Tobique First Nation. We stand as a symbol of self-governance which will support our community’s diverse industries and enhance the economic well-being of our people.