Tobique First Nation (Neqotkuk) and London, UK – February 5, 2024 Tobique First Nation (Neqotkuk) (“Tobique”) and TGC Management Co. (the “Management Company”) are pleased to announce the enactment of the “Tobique Gaming Act 2023” (the “Gaming Act”) and the creation of the “Tobique Gaming Commission” (the “TGC”) for the purpose of licensing and regulating online gaming enterprises from Tobique.

The TGC and the Management Co. are delighted to confirm the authorization of Differentia Licensing Advisory Group Limited (“DLAG”) as a Direct Licensee under the Gaming Act for the purpose of carrying out authorized and delegated licensing and administrative activities as a service provider to the TGC (the “Authorization”). This Authorization was issued in accordance with the process established under the Gaming Act, as well as the Regulations and policies and procedures thereunder (collectively, the “Tobique Gaming Laws”), which DLAG was instrumental in creating, and remains subject to DLAG’s ongoing operational monitoring of licensed operators and compliance with the Tobique Gaming Laws covering online betting and gaming activity in Tobique.

As a result of the Authorization, DLAG has launched its TGC application and licensing portal and is accepting TGC license applications via

Graham Martin, Chairman of DLAG commented:

“We are delighted to have received a Direct Licensee Authorization from the Tobique Gaming Commission and we want to thank them for their faith in us.  At DLAG we have assembled an unparalleled team of gaming industry leaders who will deploy the vast knowledge and expertise gained from many decades working in this industry around the globe to ensure we are implementing a regulatory regime that understands the needs of operators and platform providers whilst maintaining the highest standards of probity and transparency. It has been a pleasure to work with the TGC and their Management Company as we collaborate to establish the TGC as a premium gaming regulatory body around the globe. The DLAG team consists of specialized companies providing Corporate and Financial Services, Regulatory Compliance, Banking and Payment Processing facilities with some 1,200 staff, 29 worldwide offices headed by management with extensive experience in their respective fields of excellence.”

“The launching of the Tobique Gaming Commission and its licensing platform reflects the extraordinary efforts of the Management Company, DLAG and the long-term vision of the Tobique First Nation in their persistent pursuit of this milestone. We have the utmost faith in our collective team to continue building a regulatory jurisdiction that all gaming industry stakeholders can be proud of,” added Chief Ross Perley, Chief of Tobique. “I would also like to commend my Band Council past and present for pursuing this opportunity and taking action to expand the economy of the Tobique First Nation to enhance the wellbeing of our youth, elders and all Tobique Band membership. Woliwon.”

At this time, the Management Company and DLAG are the only entities with authority under the Gaming Act to accept or review license applications as delegates of the TGC. For a list of, and more information with respect to, authorized service providers or suppliers of the TGC, please visit the TGC website where we validate service providers, operators and suppliers by granting an active unique TGC digital seal.

About Tobique First Nation (Neqotkuk) and the Tobique Gaming Commission

Tobique First Nation (Neqotkuk) is a Wolastoqey Nation community in New Brunswick, Canada located along the northern shore of the Tobique river where it meets the Wolastoq river. It is the largest Wolastoqiyik Nation reserve in New Brunswick with a population of approximately 2700. Tobique First Nation has been licensing gaming on its reserve for over 30 years and has successful gaming outlets, bingo hall and a casino. On October 13, 2023 Tobique’s Chief and Council enacted a law titled the “Tobique Gaming Act 2023” to create the Tobique Gaming Commission and to enable the Commission to engage in the licensing of online gaming enterprises from within Tobique’s sovereign territory in accordance with its right to self-government as recognized and affirmed by Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982.

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